The southeastern state of Campeche became the first state in Mexico to earn the green light for coronavirus control under the national government’s pandemic risk traffic light program.

The green light rating, which qualifies the state as being low risk in terms of possible contagion of covid-19, was awarded to Campeche on Tuesday, Sept. 29, due to stringent mask-wearing and social distancing practices put into play by state officials, which have led to a significant reduction of cases.

Under the green light phase, most commercial and social activities are allowed to be reinstated with specific restrictions to ensure that the spread of the disease is controlled.

Supermarkets, hotels, shopping centers and restaurants will now be allowed to operate at 75 percent of their total capacity, while barbershops, beauty salons, religious centers, museum, movie houses and theaters will operate at 50 percent capacity.

…Sept. 30, 2020

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