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A full 42 percent of the nation’s armed forces personnel has been recommissioned by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to conduct non-military jobs, according to a National Security Report presented to the president on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

During AMLO’s daily press conference on Tuesday, Mexican National Guard Commander Luis Rodríguez reported that more than 90,000 Mexican soldiers have been commissioned by the president for federal government projects, such as monitoring the distribution of Gas Bienestar, distributing household goods, giving vaccines and supporting covid programs, pursuing migrants, monitoring customs, overseeing the transfer of fertilizers and combating huachicol (fuel theft), all jobs that are outside their normal jurisdiction.

That figure represents 42 percent of the total 209,715 troops currently mobilized by the Army, Navy and National Guard (GN).

In contrast, the mobilization of federal forces for public security, the supposed cornerstone of the López Obrador government’s program to reduce crime and violence, amount to just 75,488 troops nationwide.


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