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Indigenous Culture Festival Slated for Mexico City Zócalo

PULSE NEWS MEXICO The Zócalo main plaza in downtown Mexico City will be the venue for the VIII Festival of Indigenous Cultures, People and Communities from Friday, Aug. 5, through Sunday, Aug. 21, the capital’s Culture Secretariat announced late last week. The event, which will have as its guests of honor members of the often-marginalized Afro-Mexican communities of Oaxaca, Guerrero

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Mexico Begins 15-Event Independence Celebration

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) launched a series of 15 commemorative events to mark the country’s 200th independence anniversary on Sunday, Feb. 14, 1831. The first event in the series took place in Cuilapan, Oaxaca, where Afro-Mexican independence hero, abolitionist and former President Vicente Guerrero was executed on Feb. 14, 1831. The

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Photo Exhibit Highlights Mexico’s African Descendants

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF    A new exhibit titled “Tres por Tres, Afromexicanos en Guerrero, Veracruz y Coahuila” (¨Three-by-Three: Afro-Mexicans in Guerrero, Veracruz and Coahuila”) is slated to open on Thursday, Aug. 8, at the Tlaxcala Regional Museum. The exhibit, composed of 18 photographs by three different photographers, shows how this marginalized community in Mexico has fought for its

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