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26,000 Turn Out for Chichén Itzá Equinox Observance

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF After nearly two years of closure due the the covid-19 pandemic, the Maya archaeological zone of Chichén Itzá in the Mexican state of Yucatán received more than 26,000 national and international tourists during the the three-day holiday weekend, to celebrate the spring equinox from Saturday, March 19, through Monday, March 21. Under strict sanitary

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137 Mexican Archeological Sites to Be Open for Equinox

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF As covid-19 sanitary measures continue to ease nationwide, Mexico is due to open a total of 137 archeological sites for equinox observances this year, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) announced Saturday, March 12. While still requiring masks and other sanitary precautions, the INAH said in a press release that it is

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Chichén Itzá Director Finds Similarities Between Chinese and Maya Ruins

XINHUA Discoveries at the legendary Sanxingdui ruins in southwest China show that the region’s ancient Shu state civilization shared similarities with the Maya, according to the director of the Chichén Itzá archaeological site, Marco Antonio Santos. The Sanxingdui ruins, located in the city of Guanghan, about 60 kilometers from Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan, belonged to the Shu Dynasty

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