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Supreme Court Reworks Judgment on INE’s Mandate Consultation

By KELIN DILLON On Wednesday, Feb. 2, Mexico’s Supreme Court (SCJN) ordered the autonomous National Electoral Institute (INE) to follow through with its mandate revocation consultation as far as the confines of its predetermined annual budget will allow it, and similarly created a protective shield for the INE’s General Council members from any criminal responsibility administrative action surrounding the process.

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Mexican Midterm Elections: The Race is On

By RICARDO CASTILLO The announcement of the election of Federal Deputy Mario Delgado Carrillo on Friday, Oct. 23, as president of the governing National Regeneration Movement (Morena) political party brought to an end the internal conflict that has beleaguered Morena for more than a year. National Electoral Institute (INE) Councilor Claudia Zavala made the official announcement and should be turning

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