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Venezuela’s Maduro Suspends Mediation Talks in Mexico

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF The government of Venezuela’s autocratic president, Nicolás Maduro, announced Saturday, Oct. 16, that is is suspending its participation in mediation talks with opposition leaders, that were due to restart on Sunday, Oct. 17. Maduro, a close friend and political ally of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who had initiated the talks in

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Concerns Grow Regarding Mutated Covid Strains in Latin America

XINHUA There are growing concerns over the detection of three new variants of covid-19 in 20 countries in the Americas, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) said Wednesday, Feb. 3. These variants “are raising questions about a possible increase” in the transmissibility of the virus, said Carissa F. Etienne, the director of PAHO. During a virtual press conference, Etienne asked

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Venezuelan Opposition Leader Proclaims Himself President

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF     Venezuelan opposite leader Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself interim president during a public speech on Wednesday, Jan. 23. The 35-year-old industrial engineer is president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, which has opposed the reinstatement of Nicolás Maduro and consider his reelection last to be fraudulent and invalid. Maduro began  his second term on Jan. 11 after

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