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Mexico City’s Line 12 Reportedly Rebuilt with NAICM Steel

By KELIN DILLON In yet another revelation brought forth by documents leaked to the public by hacktivist group Guacamaya, the reconstruction of Mexico City’s Line 12 metro – part of which collapsed in a tragic accident that left 26 dead in its wake in May 2021 – is purportedly using steel obtained from the controversially cancelled Mexico City New International

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Tren Maya Construction Slogs through Supply, Permit Delays

By KELIN DILLON According to reports from operators working on the construction of Mexico’s controversial public megaproject the Tren Maya – documents which were leaked to the public by hacktivist group Guacamaya – the project is facing multiple supply and permitting delays that could push the Tren Maya’s completion far beyond its estimated December 2023 delivery date. These issues join

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National Guard Handed Billions of Pesos with No Accountability

By KELIN DILLON As Mexico’s National Guard (GN), created by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has received a higher and higher budget every year since its inception — 922 million pesos in 2019, 4.82 billion pesos that was grew to 21.73 billion pesos in 2020, and 35.67 billion pesos in 2021 — many have raised concerned about the

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Norwegian Firm’s Investigation Reveals Line 12 Failures

By KELIN DILLON The tragic collapse of Mexico’s Line 12 metro on May 3, which left 26 dead, was related to vital failures in the structure’s construction, said a preliminary report released by the independent Norwegian investigative authority DNV. The Norwegian experts interviewed Mexican metro personnel including directors, coordinators, train operators and institutional security personnel to compile its comprehensive report.

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NYT Points to Ebrard, Slim for Line 12 Collapse

By KELIN DILLON According to an investigative piece in the renowned international newspaper the New York Times (NYT), Mexico City’s tragic Line 12 metro accident in early May was largely the result of two Mexican public figures’ gross negligence in the construction and upkeep of the now-infamous route. The U.S. publication pointed to Marcelo Ebrard, the country’s current secretary of

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