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Emilio: The Basque Country Comes to Mexico

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS The thing about Basque cuisine is that it is hard to nail down. Considered to be the most quintessential food in the ample portfolio of Spanish haute cuisine, Basque cookery includes a seemingly endless array of specialties. From hardy tuna stews and delicately dried cod fillets to cured Iberian ham brochettes and burnt manchego cheesecake, there are

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Yucateco-Gaucho Cuisine: Meat Meets Chillies

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS What do you get when you cross the peppery-citrusy flavors of regional Yucatan cuisine with the smoky tastes of Argentine gaucho cookery? If you’re lucky, the answer is Sylvestre Artz, an unpretentiously elegant meat house in Mexico City’s southern Colonia Pedregal where spicy Yucatan achiote and habanero chillies are fused with the vaporous earthiness of a Pampas

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