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The Man Who Changed the Global Image of Mexican Cookery

PUBLIFIX His name is synonymous with Mexican cuisine around the world, and he is among the local culinary community for having elevated the country’s street-food image to the fine dining spectrum. But what makes Enrique Olvera unique among Mexico’s top chefs is the fact that he does not focus on molecular gastronomy or fancy over-the-top plating techniques. Instead, Olvera has

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Dancing to the Rhythms of Kitchen Flavors

Home-style Apple Strudel By AVISHAG BEN MENASHE Everyone loves desserts, especially those that incorporate fruit and pastry and that need to be opened to find out what’s inside. Apple strudel is an amazing pastry that will fill the house with a intoxicating scent of warmth and love that practically no one can resist. One the original comfort foods, strudel has been a staple

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Radish Roots

Vegan Cinnamon Raisin Cream Cheese This simple vegan cream cheese recipe could just change your life! This tofu based cream cheese spread is stuffed is wholesome, naturally sweetened and creamy. It is made with ingredients that will make you feel full and feel great. When I first made this recipe, I was shocked as to just how good it was.

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