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Judge Orders Restoration of Mexico’s Full-Time School Program

By KELIN DILLON On Wednesday, Sept. 7, Mexico’s Third District Judge in Administrative Matters of Mexico City, Yadira Medina Alcántara, enacted a nationwide amparo (legal injunction) to restore the country’s Full-Time Schools program (ETC), which was controversially ended in anticipation of the implementing the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) led government’s The School is Ours (LEEN) initiative by the end of

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Mexico’s Electoral Weekend Ends with Controversy

By KELIN DILLON Following Mexico’s Sunday, June 5, elections, held throughout the states of ​​Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, and Tamaulipas, there have been at least 59 complaints filed with the Electoral Crimes Prosecutor’s Office (Fisel) throughout the entire electoral process and a pending judicial appeal surrounding the results in Tamaulipas, showing Mexico’s well-documented electoral issues still persist. The

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