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María 138 Celebrates Sixth Year with Pizza and Prosecco Party

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS Mexico’s City’s premiere Sicilian restaurant, María 138, turned six on Thursday, Aug. 25, and its owner, Cristina Maria Cialona, in true Sicilian (and true Cristina Maria Cialona) style, celebrated the occasion with an “intimate” gathering of some 150 of her closest friends, with a lavish night of pizza and prosecco Bellinis. And also true to Cristina Maria

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Brunch, with a Sicilian Twist

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS Ah, brunch! That wonderful, leisurely, a-little-too-late-for-breakfast-but-not-late-enough-for-lunchtime, ideal-for-weekends, perfect-for-lingering-over morning repast that sends cautious calorie-counting and clock-watching to the wind and lets you savor a wholesome meal with friends and family without rushing off to work or breaking the bank. Indeed, a brunch can transform a simple poached egg into a gourmet luxury with a dab of hollandaise

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