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Navigating Mexico: Mexican Intelligence

By JUAN DE JESÚS BREENE Remember a few years back when there were constant references to Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner’s “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences”? His premise was that beyond what most of us grew up believing about intelligence and notions of IQ, that intelligence was basically about academic smarts. His definition of intelligence pointed out that

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Huge Discrepancies Between Mexico’s State and Federal Covid Death Tolls

By KELIN DILLON There have been over 31,754 deaths reported in states across Mexico attributed to the coronavirus, a figure 687 percent higher than the number reported by the nation’s Secretariat of Public Health (SSA) of 4,031 covid-19-related deaths. El Universal received the requested the documents and statistics from 16 of Mexico’s states to find this figure, leading to the

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A Tale of Two Huachicoleros

By RICARDO CASTILLO The talk of the day in Mexico continues to be the arrests for trial of alleged Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) budget-sacking artists Emilio Lozoya Austin and José Antonio Yépez Ortiz. The first is accused of crooked moves as director of the national oil company ,and the second actually is said to have called himself “owner” of the Pemex-owned

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