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Spinoza’s Eternal Wisdom

OPINION By ENRIQUE KRAUZE What do the writings of Baruch Spinoza, a remote, 17th century Dutch philosopher of Dutch philosopher of Jewish Portuguese origins, have to say about the predicaments of the 21st century? A lot, because the fanaticisms that he faced alone in his time have multiplied in ours. The fanaticism of his times provoked religious wars; the current

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The Comeback Kid of Wines

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS When most people think of Spanish wines, they imagine a crisp Crianza from Rioja, a silky Godello from Galicia, or maybe even a sparkling Cava from Penedès. Indeed, Spain is the world’s third-largest wine producer, with thousands of varieties of robust red, fruity whites and floral rosés. But then is there that other Spanish wine, that fortified,

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Mexico’s Tahí Farm Enshrines Mystery and Wonder of the Orchid

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS For some, they are the very essence of feminine sensuality, their delicate petals unfolding like a vibrant display of female genitalia (think Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous flower paintings that resemble a vagina). For others, they symbolize death and the morose beauty of unobtainable passion. In 1894, H.G. Wells wrote a short story about them, describing their bulbs as

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