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Preventive Detention, a Means of Control and Abuse in Latin America

By MARK LORENZANA In March of this year, the government of El Salvador, headed by President Nayib Bukele, declared a state of emergency after police recorded a total of 62 homicides in a single day. It marked the most violent day in 30 years for the Central American country, which has contended with criminal gangs for decades. El Salvador has

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Yet Another Migrant Caravan Heads North to US

XINHUA A caravan of about 1,000 migrants, the seventh since August, left southeastern Mexico on Tuesday, Aug. 30l for the U.S. border, local media reported. The caravan mainly included men from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, as well as hundreds of women and approximately 150 children, said local news reports. If the group meets up with others

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Mystery Disease Threatens Mexican Caribbean Coral Reefs

XINHUA Mexico’s Caribbean resort region is facing an ecological catastrophe due to a mysterious contagious disease that has damaged up to 50 percent of all local marine coral species, according to Lorenzo Álvarez Filip, a researcher from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). “This is a disease of tissue loss in hard corals, and the pathogen is still unknown,

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On the Mark: Why It’s Called ‘Soccer’ in the United States

By MARK LORENZANA There has been a lot of soccer news lately. Two columns ago, I wrote about a particularly bad stretch for Mexican soccer: how the Mexican Women’s National Soccer Team went winless in the recently concluded CONCACAF W championship despite hosting the tournament here in Mexico, about how Mexico’s U-20 National Men’s Soccer Team suffered a shocking defeat

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