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International Medical Specialists to Receive 53,569 Pesos per Month

By KELIN DILLON Less than a week after Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) General Director Zoé Robledo announced that Mexico would be hiring 749 international medical specialists to come and work in rural areas of the country, Robledo revealed during a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 8., that each of these contracted specialists will be paid 53,569

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Use of Face Masks Now Optional on Planes, Mexico’s Airports

By MARK LORENZANA Shortly after Mexican health authorities eliminated the mandatory use of face masks in closed spaces, Mexico’s Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), in an official statement on Tuesday, Oct. 11, said that it is now optional for passengers to mask up inside the country’s airports and on flights departing Mexico. “As of this date (Tuesday) and as long

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Mexican Government to Hire 749 Foreign Doctors

By KELIN DILLON According to an announcement made by Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) General Director Zoé Robledo on Tuesday, Oct. 11, Mexico’s federal government will begin hiring 749 foreign doctors to come and work in IMSS facilities in remote areas of the country beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 12. Robledo detailed that Mexico is seeking medical professionals in 43 different

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