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Brunch, with a Sicilian Twist

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS Ah, brunch! That wonderful, leisurely, a-little-too-late-for-breakfast-but-not-late-enough-for-lunchtime, ideal-for-weekends, perfect-for-lingering-over morning repast that sends cautious calorie-counting and clock-watching to the wind and lets you savor a wholesome meal with friends and family without rushing off to work or breaking the bank. Indeed, a brunch can transform a simple poached egg into a gourmet luxury with a dab of hollandaise

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Negroni Artz, Italian Food the Way Your Nonna Used to Make It

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     Despite its swank address inside the upscale Artz Shopping Mall in Mexico City’s upscale Colonia Jardines de Pedregal – and the hefty prices that come with that locale – there is a distinctive downhome feel to the newly opened Negroni Artz restaurant. A glassed-in patio with simple wood and wicker chairs at graciously linened tables and a

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Great Italian Dining Gets a Makeover

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS      Ever since it first opened its doors inside the Presidente InterContinental Hotel in the capital city’s upscale Colonia Polanco back in 1996, Alfredo di Roma has been a mainstay of fine Italian dining in Mexico. Renowned for its incomparable fettuccine all’Alfredo (after all, the recipe was first created by Alfredo Di Lelio in the restaurant

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