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Mexico’s Liberal-Conservative Divide

By RICARDO CASTILLO Day in and day out, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) mentions the country’s ongoing ideological war  between liberals and conservatives. Of course, he makes it a point of reminding people that he is a liberal who, he says, is now containing the conservative tide from returning to presidential power. On Wednesday, July 29, during his daily

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Mexico’s Midterm Elections Politicking Season Kicks Off Early

By RICARDO CASTILLO Officially, the calendar for Mexico’s 2021 midterm elections kicks off in October. But let there be no doubt that since President Andrés Manuel Lopez Abrader (AMLO) had his press secretary, Jesús Ramirez, read aloud the Broad Opposition Front (BOA) anonymous document, he either inadvertently or shrewdly kicked off the electoral year debate. For background, please read my

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