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Mexican Treasury Goes after More Former Presidents

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Just two days after it was revealed that the Mexican Treasury Secretariat’s (Hacienda) Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) was investigating the financial dealings of previous President Enrique Peña Nieto on possible charges of embezzlement and/or money laundering, it was reported Saturday, July 9, that the FIU is also conducting a financial investigation into other former presidents, including Ernesto

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Crisis of the Mexican Right: The Moribund National Action Party

OPINION By JESSICA GUERRERO MORELIA, Michoacán —  Mexico’s complex political system has historically stood out from those of other Latin American nations for conforming a multiparty structure composed of a wide variety of political organizations. The favorable conditions promoted by the country’s National Electoral Institute (INE) for the creation of new political parties have been key factors for the evergreen emergence

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Budget Debate Sparks Chaos in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies

By KELIN DILLON As Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies debated over potential changes to the country’s Income Tax Law on Tuesday, Oct. 19, particularly concerning areas that would cause civil society organizations (CSOs) to receive less donations, differences between the in-power National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and opposition parties resulted in a number of unprofessional situations, including deputies turning their backs and

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Opposition Demands Return of Columbus Statue

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Opponents and critics launched a petition on Sunday, Sept. 12, demanding that the government of Mexico City restore the statue of Christopher Columbus on Paseo de la Reforma, the capital’s main avenue. “We Mexicans, and particularly the inhabitants of the capital of the country, are outraged by the withdrawal of our historical heritage on

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The Return of Madame Perpetual

By RICARDO CASTILLO Just as the dust is beginning to settle from last week’s approvals and denials fray of new national political parties by Mexico’s Electoral Tribunal (TEJPF), the National Electoral Institute (INE) carried out Sunday, Oct. 19, two pending elections that had been suspended due to the covid-19 pandemic in the states of Hidalgo and Coahuila. INE President-Councilor Lorenzo

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Rejected Would-Be Parties Will Sue

By RICARDO CASTILLO Although only one out of seven new applications for registration as a political party was accepted last Friday, Sept. 5, by Mexico’s National Electoral Institute (INE), that does not mean the quest for registration is over for those dissatisfied with the decision. The only party admitted for registration was the Solidary Encounter Party (PES). Three of the

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