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At Home, But with Hope

By MATT SEDDON Well, everyone, we are now in uncharted waters, and it ain’t much fun. Covid-19 is spreading, and it already seems to be taking so much away from us. At the church I serve, Christ Church, per Mexico City government order, we’ve had to suspend Sunday in-person services and go to online services. Many people are self-quarantining, some

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Do We Live in a World without Facts?

By MATT SEDDON On Jan. 22, desperate parents of children with cancer demonstrated and caused a significant amount of chaos at Mexico City’s Benito Juárez International Airport. They were fighting for the lifesaving medications their children needed — medications they said they could not obtain. The leader of the protest received a call from a high-level government official, who assured him the

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Advent: Learning to Wait

By MATT SEDDON Buy! Buy! Buy! Cook! Cook! Cook! Decorate! Decorate! Decorate! These are the messages bombarding us right now from every direction. They make us feel even more frantic and crazy than we already do. We are in conflict-ridden and difficult times, and in the midst of all the distressing messages from the news media and our social media

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Violence against Women and Monuments

By MATT SEDDON Mexico City’s Angel of Independence Monument is now covered with political graffiti. It is now both a witness to the hopes that come with independence and to the lack of independence women in Mexico have due to violence. The protests that included spray painting the Angel were instigated by allegations of horrendous rapes of underage girls by

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Ara Pacis Mexicana

By MATT SEDDON In 13 B.C., the Roman Emperor Augustus built an altar to peace on the outskirts of Rome. He had just returned from squashing resistance to the empire in what is now Spain and France. The altar – called the Ara Pacis Augustae – was beautifully carved with images that reinforced Roman notions of the Pax Romana, the

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