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Mexico Observes Anniversary of Revolution with Big Sale Weekend

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Mexico’s Día de la Revolución (Revolution Day) officially falls on Nov. 20, but in recent years, the holiday is usually observed on the third Monday of the month in order to allow workers to enjoy a long weekend holiday. This year, it is being celebrated as a national holiday on Monday, Nov. 21. The holiday commemorates the

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Walking and Drinking Cervezas on the Road to Mexico’s Revolutions

By RICH GRANT     By a stroke of good fortune for the Mexican tourism office, both of Mexico’s revolutions began 100 years apart – in 1810 and 1910 . Routes that follow the various military campaigns have been laid out with one leaving from Guadalajara that goes to the three most historic towns of Mexico’s 1810 revolt (against the Spanish rule,

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SEP Educational Plan to Praise Works of AMLO’s 4T

By MARK LORENZANA In the new “Basic Education Curricular Plan” of Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), high school students in Mexican public schools must learn in their civics subject the infrastructure works carried out by the government, which political party has promoted these works and if they were part of previous campaign promises. These are just a few examples of what

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Navigating Mexico: Can a Foreigner Own Real Estate in Mexico?

By JUAN DE JESÚS BREENE The simple answer is to the above question is: Yes. Honestly, I am actually getting tired of answering this question now that digital nomads have discovered Mexico. So many of these international work-from-homers have moved here, that some have decided to stay, becoming themselves owners, no longer wanting to pay rent. Many sources have reported

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Morena’s Hunt for a Presidential Successor

OPINION By RICARDO CASTILLO Old habits die hard! Mexico’s democratic political system is currently undergoing a return to an age-old political habit once known as “la sucesión” (“the succession”), in which one candidate was picked to replace the man in power. This succession routine became a political mainstay back in the days of one-party rule, and was ruthlessly enforced by

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The Rise and Fall of Mexico’s First Great Political Party

By JESSICA GUERRERO Mexico’s independent life as a republic began in 1821, 200 years ago. But the first hundred years of the country’s autonomy were dizzying and plagued with numerous internal conflicts. These events and circumstances unleashed the Mexican Revolution that broke out in 1910, and consisted of a civil war between several regional revolutionary forces against the authoritarian regime of

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