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Mexico City Experiences Rapid Influx of Foreign Remote Workers

By KELIN DILLON While Mexico City (CDMX) and the nearby Mexican cities of Cuernavaca and San Miguel de Allende have long been known for their flourishing expat communities, economic hardships brought forth by the covid-19 pandemic has prompted a new influx of foreigners into the Mexico City metropolitan area who look to match their high-income remote jobs with Mexico’s low

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Arrests of Migrants Surge 79 Percent Following Patrol Spikes

By KELIN DILLON Mexico’s heightened military presence on its southern border with Guatemala has resulted in a 79 percent increase in arrests of undocumented Central American migrants since its new patrol policy went into effect on June 21, said Mexican Secretary of Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval. According to Sandoval, border patrols have increased in the region since June 21, as

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US Reportedly Losing Faith in Ambassador to Mexico Salazar

By KELIN DILLON On Tuesday, July 5, an editorial by the New York Times’ Natalie Kitroeff and Maria Abi-Habib revealed that the United States has purportedly lost faith in its appointed ambassador to Mexico, Ken Salazar, and reportedly believes that the diplomat has exhibited a repeated pattern of favoring Mexico and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) policies over

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Seeking a Revitalized North American Vision

OPINION By COLIN ROBERTSON Part of an ongoing series from the Wilson Center* Like globalization and the rules-based multilateral order, the North American idea risks falling victim to larger geopolitical forces. But even in the absence of energetic political leadership, we can still make progress, by building on existing initiatives, to the mutual benefit of all three nations, Canada, the

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