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Passage to Japan, A Poetic Marriage of Cultures

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS The late 19th century and early 20th century writer and critic José Juan Tablada (1871-1945) is generally considered to be the Father of Modern Mexican Poetry. The son of a well-heeled businessman, he travelled abroad throughout much of his early life, living briefly in both Paris and New York. But it was Tablada’s obsession and fascination with

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Mexico’s Surrealism Through Feminine Eyes

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     When the surrealist movement began in Europe in the early 1920s, it was a distinctly masculine style, led by the likes of André Breton, Salvador Dali and Joan Miró. But in 1930, the well-known Mexican painter and art historian José Miguel Covarrubias traveled to Europe with his new wife Rosa Rolanda, a U.S.-born photographer and choreographer he

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