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AMLO Administration to Accept Remain-in-Mexico Asylum-Seekers

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF In an apparent reversal of its previous stance, the administration of leftist Mexican President Andrés Manual López Obrador (AMLO) has seemingly struck a deal with the Joe Biden administration to reinstate the remain-in-Mexico policy as of next week. The U.S. Border Control announced Thursday, Dec. 2, that the Mexican government had agreed to the

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Fetterman’s Last Ride, Part II

By RICH GRANT The Battle for the Bloody Bozeman Trail In 1866, gold was discovered in Montana, and it was almost a replica of what had happened in Colorado. The main trails west bypassed and went far south of Montana, so a scout named John Bozeman laid out a new diagonal trail northwest across Wyoming for the dozens of wagon

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Nine Colorful Characters Who Made History in Estes Park

By RICH GRANT The little resort village of Estes Park sits at the edge of Colorado’s No. 1 attraction – Rocky Mountain National Park – nestled in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. Surrounded by snowcapped peaks with vistas in every direction, this small town has been attracting visitors for more than 150 years. World famous artists, best-selling novelists,

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The Beauty of Branson Lies Beyond, in the Ozarks (Part II)

By RICH GRANT     Branson, Missouri, and the Ozark mountains are the biggest tourist attraction in the midwestern United States, and an area of outstanding natural beauty, history and art. While Branson attracts millions of visitors a year for its 120 shows, making it sort of the family-style “Las Vegas of the Midwest,” the area around Branson is filled with lakes,

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