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Mexico’s Public Deficit Spikes by 24 Percent in 2022

By KELIN DILLON While Mexico has long been spending more than it brings in through revenue, 2022 saw the country’s public deficit increase by approximately 26 percent – the largest deficit spike it has experienced since 2016. According to figures from Mexico’s Secretariat of Finance (SHCP), Mexico’s public deficit between January and November of 2022 stood at 611.1 billion pesos,

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Slim Pulls Out of Banamex Purchase

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s Inbursa financial group announced on Wednesday, Nov. 23, that it was withdrawing from its former commitment to purchase Banamex, Citigroup’s consumer and corporate banking business in Mexico. “After the presentation of a nonbinding proposal for the acquisition of said businesses, the parties have mutually agreed that Imbursa will not continue in the following

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Though Mexico Exports Crude, High Oil Prices Hurt Economy

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Although Mexico exports crude oil, it is a net importer of carbon-based fuel, meaning that it imports more oil products than it imports. Consequently, the surging price of international oil, and by extension, all oil-based products, such as gasoline, will negatively impact Mexico’s finances, Janneth Quiroz Zamora, deputy director of economic analysis at the

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