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Fetterman’s Last Ride, Part II

By RICH GRANT The Battle for the Bloody Bozeman Trail In 1866, gold was discovered in Montana, and it was almost a replica of what had happened in Colorado. The main trails west bypassed and went far south of Montana, so a scout named John Bozeman laid out a new diagonal trail northwest across Wyoming for the dozens of wagon

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Why the US Midlands Urgently Needs a NAFTA Breakthrough

By EARL ANTHONY WAYNE     (The following article is an excerpt of an article which originally appeared in the U.S. daily newspaper the “Omaha World-Herald” and is being republished in Pulse News Mexico with specific prior permission.) Nebraska, like the rest of the U.S. Midlands states, depends mightily on its $2.6 billion in trade with Mexico and Canada. Almost half of Nebraska’s agricultural exports and 91,000 jobs

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