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Eighth Journalist Killed This Year in Mexico

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICOI STAFF On Tuesday, March 15, Mexican reporter Armando Linares, director of the Monitor Michoacán news outlet, became the eighth journalist to be murdered so far this year in Mexico in a torrent of killings that has earned the government international condemnation. Linares was shot dead in the city of Zitacuaro, Michoacan, outside his home, that

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AMLO Holds Second ‘Who’s Who of Media Lies of the Week’

By KELIN DILLON During his daily press conference on the morning of Wednesday, July 14, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) presented the second iteration of his new “Who’s Who of Media Lies of the Week” segment, continuing his tirade against news publications and media outlets which don’t speak in direct favor of him. This week,  López Obrador reiterated

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Mexico Most Fatal Country for Journalists in 2020

By KELIN DILLON Though Jan. 4 was National Journalist’s Day in Mexico, there was very little to celebrate for most reporters. At least eight journalists were killed in Mexico during 2020, according to Reporters Without Borders, making it the most deadly country in the world for news reporters. Mexico’s high number of journalist fatalities was followed in number by Iraq,

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