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On the Mark: Nike Pact with Kyrie Irving ‘Likely Over’ Due to Anti-Semitic Post

By MARK LORENZANA The relationship between NBA superstar guard Kyrie Irving and sports-equipment giant Nike “is likely over,” according to Nike co-founder Phil Knight in an interview with U.S. cable news channel CNBC on Thursday, Nov. 10. Irving has been under fire recently for tweeting, on Oct. 29, a link to an anti-Semitic film, and refusing to apologize immediately after.

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Dressing Women Athletes in a Market Guided by Men

By JULIA CASTILLO     Nike shoes may not qualify as a global market failure, but how about it being a sport brands that doesn’t understand women? Last August, Nike released an ad in Mexico. The ad develops in a traffic jam, in which women grab what can be called “empowerment” and start running. This ad generated a lot of opinions, some of them in favor and some

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