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Judge Stops Transfer of Mexican National Guard to Army

By MARK LORENZANA A federal judge indefinitely stopped the transfer of the National Guard (GN) to Mexico’s Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), which was established in the reform decree published on Sept. 9 of this year, approved by the Mexican Senate. Sedena must now return, at least temporarily, operational and administrative control of the GN to the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC). The Ninth District Judge

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No Deals with Gangs, but NGO Wants Coke Legalized

By RICARDO CASTILLO Everyone in Mexico knows that drugs and violence go hand-in-hand. For the most part, the general public either hears about the latest “record” drug seizure (they get bigger all the time) or the surging number of gory gang-versus-gang executions, including beheadings, dismemberments and similar atrocities that would make the United States’ National Enquirer look like a Pollyanna

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