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Morena’s Hunt for a Presidential Successor

OPINION By RICARDO CASTILLO Old habits die hard! Mexico’s democratic political system is currently undergoing a return to an age-old political habit once known as “la sucesión” (“the succession”), in which one candidate was picked to replace the man in power. This succession routine became a political mainstay back in the days of one-party rule, and was ruthlessly enforced by

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The Fantastic Four’s Debate Debacle

By RICARDO CASTILLO     Sunday night television is never prime-time viewing in Mexico. But last Sunday, May 20, ratings were through the roof on a double-header featuring first the Mexican Soccer League championship game between the Torreón Saints and Toluca Red Devils, and, later, the second of three presidential debates, this time featuring the “Fantastic Four” hopefuls. In case you’re interested, the Saints became

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