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Inflation Soars in Mexico during First Fortnight of 2023

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Despite predictions by both President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and the Central Bank of Mexico (Banxico) that inflation in Mexico had peaked in late 2022, consumer prices increased to 7.94 percent in the first two weeks of January. According to data supplied on Tuesday, Jan. 24, by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), during

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Inflation Rates Continue to Rise in Mexico across September

By KELIN DILLON As international inflation continues to dominate global economic forecasts, Mexico’s own ongoing bout with inflation has been no walk in the park itself; rather than ease up in September as anticipated by sector specialists, inflation only increased in Mexico across the course of the month, reaching 8.76 percent in the first half of September alone. According to

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AMLO Suspends Subsidies for Premium Gasoline

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on Friday, Aug. 5, announced the his administration would no longer provide financial subsidies to offset the high cost of premium gasoline. In March of this year, after global oil prices skyrocketed as a result of the war in Ukraine, López Obrador ordered the Treasury to provide a nationwide Special

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Mexican Government Puts Cap on Natural Gas Prices

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Mexico’s Energy Secretariat announced Thursday, July 28, that LP natural gas will be subject to a maximum price cap for an indefinite period of time starting in August. In a published statement, Mexico’s Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) stated that the new ruling will replace the government’s current price-setting program, which went into effect in July 2021 as

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AMLO Announces New Package Against Inflation and Famine

By KELIN DILLON In a collaborative move between Mexico’s federal government and its private sector, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) announced a new price control initiative – the Package Against Inflation and Famine (PACIC) – to the public during his daily morning press conference on Wednesday, April 4. Th package establishes cost protection for 24 “basic basket” supermarket items,

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Gasoline in Mexico Is More Expensive than in US

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF Despite President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) repeated promises to keep fuel prices down and ongoing tax discounts from the nation’s Finance Secretariat, gasoline prices in Mexico are now higher than in the United States. According to data from the consulting firm PetroIntelligence, regular gasoline sold Thursday in Mexico at an average of 21.51

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