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Tláhuac and Tepito Cartels Orchestrate Trafficking of Women in Mexico City

By MARK LORENZANA Mexico City-based criminal organizations Tepito Union and the Tláhuac Cartel currently control the trafficking of persons for sexual purposes and prostitution on the streets of the country’s capital, revealed a joint report by Mexico’s Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) and the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). These groups have allegedly managed to venture into the trafficking of women

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Denver’s Western Saloons Resembled English, Irish Pubs

By RICH GRANT People have been buying alcoholic drinks in England for more than a thousand years at a variety of taverns, ale houses, coaching inns and grog shops, but what we think of today as a typical English pub didn’t happen until 1830. In the 1700s, to counter distilled spirits imported from Ireland and Scotland, England encouraged distilling corn

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AMLO: Child Marriages Are Okay, as Long as They Aren’t the Norm

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS Apparently it’s alright in Mexico to engage in human trafficking — in this particular case, the sale of underaged girls — as long as the practice is “not the norm.” So said Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) on Tuesday, Oct. 26, reiterating his comments in the state of Guerrero over the weekend in which he

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