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Spinoza’s Eternal Wisdom

OPINION By ENRIQUE KRAUZE What do the writings of Baruch Spinoza, a remote, 17th century Dutch philosopher of Dutch philosopher of Jewish Portuguese origins, have to say about the predicaments of the 21st century? A lot, because the fanaticisms that he faced alone in his time have multiplied in ours. The fanaticism of his times provoked religious wars; the current

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The Problem with the ‘Enlightened’

OPINION By ENRIQUE KRAUZE Redemptorist leaders, daffodils in love with their self-proclaimed moral beauty, are not responsible for the consequences of their actions. This ironclad truth was the subject of “Politics as a Vocation,” a famed conference offered by German sociologist Max Weber in January 1919 in Munich . His words then reverberate in our current time. The circumstances when

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Indio: Racism in a Bottle of Beer

By JULIA CASTILLO     Mexico’s Indio beer brand was originally called Cuauhtémoc, in honor of the last Aztec emperor-warrior, who died at the hands of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortéz.   Back then, Cuauhtémoc’s image appeared on the label. Launched in the 1880s, its name was changed in 1905 because customers began to ask for it as “the one with the Indian image” (“la del Indio,” in Spanish). For practical

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