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Trending Beauty (What’s New, What Works)

Vivan los Muertos! By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS Mexico’s Day of the Dead (well, actually, it’s two days, but most people just clump the duo holidays under the same moniker) is a vibrant part of the country’s rich and multifaceted culture, drawing on a combination of pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage. An uncanny celebration of life and a tribute to the memory of

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Dressing Women Athletes in a Market Guided by Men

By JULIA CASTILLO     Nike shoes may not qualify as a global market failure, but how about it being a sport brands that doesn’t understand women? Last August, Nike released an ad in Mexico. The ad develops in a traffic jam, in which women grab what can be called “empowerment” and start running. This ad generated a lot of opinions, some of them in favor and some

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