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Walking and Drinking Cervezas on the Road to Mexico’s Revolutions

By RICH GRANT     By a stroke of good fortune for the Mexican tourism office, both of Mexico’s revolutions began 100 years apart – in 1810 and 1910 . Routes that follow the various military campaigns have been laid out with one leaving from Guadalajara that goes to the three most historic towns of Mexico’s 1810 revolt (against the Spanish rule,

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Denver’s Western Saloons Resembled English, Irish Pubs

By RICH GRANT People have been buying alcoholic drinks in England for more than a thousand years at a variety of taverns, ale houses, coaching inns and grog shops, but what we think of today as a typical English pub didn’t happen until 1830. In the 1700s, to counter distilled spirits imported from Ireland and Scotland, England encouraged distilling corn

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Teresita Sandoval and the Neomexicanas of Colorado

By RICH GRANT  The word “Tejano” has slipped into the American language, meaning someone of Mexican descent living in Texas. There’s Tejano food, music and culture. But the phrase, “Neomexicanos,” not so much. For one thing, there were simply not that many of these people – the Spanish and Mexican colonists who ventured into Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado

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Five Reasons to Follow George Washington to Barbados

  By RICH GRANT     Everyone knows George Washington was first in war and first in peace … but first in picking Caribbean vacations? George only left the continental United States once in his lifetime, and that was to sail to the Caribbean island of Barbados. The then-19-year-old George went with his ailing half-brother Lawrence in the hopes that the warm

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