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October Makes Mexico’s Most Violent Month of 2022

By KELIN DILLON Only weeks after hactivist group Guacamaya revealed to the public that 72 percent of Mexico is under control of organized crime groups, Mexico experienced its most violent month of the year yet, registering 2,481 intentional homicides throughout Oct. 2022. A total of 92 intentional murders were committed on Monday, Oct. 31 alone, says information publicized by Mexico’s

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Los Tequileros Cartel Claims Responsibility for Guerrero Massacre

By MARK LORENZANA The criminal group Los Tequileros claimed responsibility for the attacks on the afternoon of Wednesday, Oct. 5, in the Mexican coastal state of Guerrero’s municipality of San Miguel Totolapan, where its mayor — Conrado Mendoza of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) — and at least 17 other people were killed. Through a video shared on social

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Guerrero Mayor Gunned Down with 17 Others

PULSE NEWS MEXICO Conrado Mendoza Almeda, the mayor of San Miguel Totolapan in Mexico’s coastal state of Guerrero, and 17 other people were killed late Wednesday, Oct. 5, in an armed attack on the town’s municipal palace. The town is located in the state’s extremely violent Tierra Caliente region, currently under a turf war between opposing drug cartel groups. Also

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