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Mexico City TJA Suspends Cuevas’ Mayorship for One Year

By KELIN DILLON On Monday, June 13, the controversial mayor of Mexico City’s Cuauhtémoc municipality, Sandra Cuevas, was informed by the capital’s Administrative Justice Court (TJA) that she will be removed from her position for one year following her alleged crimes of abuse in relation to her contentious closure of the Deportivo Guelatao sports complex, a decision Cuevas has announced

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Cuevas Suspension Means Cuauhtémoc May Get New Mayor

By THE PULSE NEWS MEXICO STAFF With the suspension Monday, March 14, of Sandra Cuevas, head of the Cuauhtémoc Delegation of Mexico City, there is now a void in the leadership of one of the Mexican capital’s oldest and most-historic precincts. Cuevas, the “mayor” of Cuauhtémoc, was ordered to relinquish her post on Monday by a Mexico City judge, after

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Cuauhtémoc Mayor Cancels Conference Amid Growing Controversy

By KELIN DILLON Following a number of high-profile controversies throughout her term as head of Mexico City’s oldest and most historic district, Cuauhtémoc Mayor Sandra Cuevas has once more invited criticism into her administration as the official burst into, then canceled, a press conference surrounding allegations that Cuevas had been throwing balloons with 500-peso bills glued to them from the

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