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Aureoles Conejo: Chronicle of a Political Suicide Foretold

By JESSICA GUERRERO MORELIA, Michoacán — Just three weeks before Michoacán Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo is due to end his six-year term of office, the western Mexican state is rife with social tensions and rampant violence that threaten to embroil the once-rising political star in a scandal that could bury his future ambitions permanently. Aureoles Conejo, who at the beginning

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Tierra Caliente: Mexico’s Own No Man’s Land

By JESSICA GUERRERO MORELIA, Michoacán — Recent headlines and heart-wrenching images depict a tragic story of innocent families desperately trying to escape a chaotic situation that has transformed their homeland into of a disputed territory rife with war and unchecked violence where no government or international organizations dare to enter. But this time, the grim scenario is not playing out

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