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Mexico’s Multifaceted Menstrual Miseries

By KELIN DILLON Mexico City’s new single-use plastic ban has left women in the capital city in a rough position during their menstrual cycles, following the city’s temporary ban of tampons until their plastic applicators are replaced with more environmentally-friendly packaging. But while Mexico City’s women will undoubtedly suffer temporarily until the situation is resolved, it is nothing compared to

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Women after Age 35: The Forgotten Stage of Life

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     While most Mexican women recognize that their bodies undergo dramatic transformations around age 45 or 50 (primarily due to hormonal changes), few understand that their nutritional needs and internal metabolic processes begin to change as early as age 35. As a result, many women undergo premature aging and energy loss during this stage of life, which, with

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ADO’s Pink Caravan Hits the Road

By THÉRÈSE MARGOLIS     While the Honduran caravan of migrants fighting their way across the Mexican border in a mass movement to force undocumented entry into the United States may be causing national controversy across Mexico, there is a smaller but far more popular convoy traversing the country, with the sole goal of helping underprivileged women get access to quality medical

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