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Pop-up Beauty

The best of Korean beauty products are now available at a K-Beauty pop-up shop inside Palacio de Hierro Polanco.

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This is hands-down the best place to find cute little creams and cosmetics in panda and penguin flasks, as well as serious skin renewal treatments packed with antiaging ingredients like snail emulsions, green tea and gold.

There are also a candy-store selection of one-time-use enriched face masks and adorable little accessories like look-at-you mirrors and little hairbrushes that can squeeze into your smallest clutch purse.

And with affordable prices, the K-Beauty pop-up shot is the go-to place for Christmas stocking fillers and those hard-to-figure-out-what-to-give Secret Santa gifts.

But don’t wait too long.

The K-Beauty pop-up store is only going to stick around at Palacio through mid-January.

Bear Power

The iconic little Tous teddy bear is gearing up for a powerful 2018 spring/summer season with a brand new collection of jewelry that tout cub clout.

Photo: Tous

With four separate jewelry collections, each focusing on a different type of power, the Barcelona-based design house is revving up for a season of spunk and dynamism.

The first collection, titled Super Power, is composed of tiny tokens (hearts, moons, stars, hands and, of course, Tous teddy bears) that send a message of strength and endowment through symbols and the power of gemstones.

The second collection, Gempowered, is a hodgepodge of dangling gemstone charms that accentuate the natural beauty of common minerals transformed into jewels by fire, power and time.

Sky Power, the third collection, centers on sleek stylized feathers that underscore the freedom to believe in yourself and let your dreams take flight.

And the final collection, Mosaic Power, creates symmetric repetitions of the bear and mosaic designs for a balanced but powerful geometric variation on familiar shapes.

And speaking of Tous, the company has just opened a brand new boutique in Puebla at the Centro Comercial Parque Puebla.

Tous now has a total of 73 stores nationwide in Mexico.

Animal Defenders

The Body Shop is out to create a cruelty-free beauty industry with a global campaign to fight against animal testing.

Photo: The Body Shop

Partnering with Cruelty Free International, the British-based cosmetics, skincare and perfume brand helped spearheaded a movement across Europe to stop animal testing that led to an EU ban on the practice in 2013.

But about 80 percent of countries around the world still allow animal testing.

In fact, Cruelty Free International estimates that 500,000 animals are used for cosmetics testing globally each year. (That’s 1,390 a day, and 25,000,000 over 50 years.)

The Body Shop’s message: You can still look gorgeous and be nice to the world’s innocent creatures.

And since it is now the season for giving, the Body Shop has a special selection of (cruelty-free) holiday gift packs, including a limited edition of Frosted Plum hand creams, body butters and scented mists with notes of magnolia, peony and ripe plum.

Woodstock Revisited

The Spanish design house Bimba y Lola’s new spring/summer collection, appropriately titled Summer of Love, is a flashback to the late 1960s and early 1970s, with plenty of love-child themes and free-flowing designs.

Photo: Bimba y Lola

There are oversized pastel prints of spheres and daisies and geometric monotones patterns with mix-and-match caftans and pajama pants to create a personalized layered look.

Soft, powder-pink gowns, tomato-red blouses, black-and-white checkered slacks and furry slip-on sandals make creating your own fashion love-in a groovy endeavor, with ultra-large hippie bags and dayglow earrings that dangle down to your shoulders as accessories.

The new Bimba y Lola collection is due to start showing up in stores as early as January.

The Bimba y Lola brand was created in 2005 by Uxia and María Domínguez (nieces of Adolfo Domínquez) and is geared to the under-30 set.

The brand is named after the girls’ two dogs.


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