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Natural Beauty

The Israeli haircare and personal hygiene company Natural Formula – which has been dominating the Jewish State’s shampoo and hair conditioning market for more than 30 years – is now available at self-service stores across Mexico.

Photo: Natural Beauty

Using only top-quality ingredients and formulas honed from some of the best beauty salons, the company has created two lines of affordable haircare products, Keratin Intense and Ampoule Intense.

The Natural Formula Keratin Intense collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, masque, serum and heat-protecting styling cream, is specially designed to keep chemically treated and heat-straightened hair from frizzing or losing its shine.

Its dual-action, sodium- and chloride-free formula, enriched with natural keratin, keeps hair straight and glowing up to three times longer.

The Natural Formula Ampoule Intense collection, composed of a shampoo, conditioner, masque and serum, is geared to revitalizing and strengthening damaged hair through the use of tiny little treatment micro ampoules that nourish and rebuild follicles from the inside out.

Micellar Waters

Uriage, the French pharmacosmetic skincare and beauty cream company that has harnessed the healing powers of thermal water from the French Alps, has released three new Thermal Eau Micellaires, each perfectly suited for removing makeup from a specific skin type.

Photo: Uriage

Available in oil-skin, normal-skin and sensitive-skin formulas, these incredible micellar waters gently clean with nonionic constituent surfactant that act like magnets to effectively remove cosmetics and impurities.

Enriched with natural thermal waters and apricot extract (known for its soothing power), these waters also protect against dryness and irritation.

The waters can be used on the entire face, including the ultra-sensitive eye and neck areas, to cleanse in a single step without rinsing.

Isaac in Love

Everybody loves Isaac Mizrahi (he is my favorite designer, by the way), and now, Isaac loves Revlon.

Photo: Revlon

That’s the name of his new line of beauty tools created just for the Love-Is-On cosmetic giant.

From lash curlers to manicure essentials to got-to-have handy little makeup mirrors for your purse, this collection screams designer chic with hot Mizrahi colors and panache.

This Revlon-Mizrahi collaboration puts the fun in functionality with the debut of a nine-piece, limited edition beauty tools collection that also includes eyebrow tweezers.

These fashionable tools feature Mizrahi’s signature stripes, polka dots, gingham and a bold floral from his archive.

The collaboration will continue with a second set of beauty tools due out in 2018.

Haute Pasta

And to keep your digestive tract happy and in beautiful shape, the Italian spaghetti giant Barilla has now introduced three new haute cuisine pastas in Mexico.

Photo: Barilla

The artisan pastas, produced from the finest semolina and durum wheat flour and collectively known as Barilla Collezione, are each inspired by a distinctive region of Italy.

The first pasta, bucatini, is a style of noodle originally from Naples and is very similar to spaghetti, but is thicker and has a hollow center, which helps it to draw in the very last drop of sauce.

It is best suited to tomato sauces, vegetable dishes and cheese-based entrées.

The second new pasta, casarecce, is a short, rolled, home-style Sicilian delicacy and is ideal for pesto dishes.

Barilla’s final new haute cuisine pasta is rigatoni, which originated in the Lazio region of Italy and is a thick, tube-shaped noodle best suited for hardy meat and vegetable dishes.

As an added treat, Barilla is offering ring-shaped tortellini noodles that can be filled with cheese or spinach.

The tortellini pasta is only available during the Christmas holiday season.

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