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As winter finally subsides and warm weather begins to be the norm again in Mexico, fashion designers from across the country and abroad are beginning to roll out their spring/summer collections.

This will be the summer of anything goes, including mismatched prints. Photo: Epsilon

This year is a year of anything goes, with understated breezy linen basics from the likes of Catamaran to got-to-have, over-sized prints in eye-popping hues from Desigual.

Whether dressing up or dressing down, whatever you wear can be matched with either formal, sky-high stilettos by Aldo or super-comfy clogs from Ugg.

This season is clearly about mixing-and-matching, not only colors and textures, but stripes and prints, sequins and denim, lace and leather.

Always on the vanguard of fashion-forward style, earlier this month, Palacio de Hierro offered a sneak-peek trunk show to the Mexican media of some of what we can expect to see in the months ahead, both on the runways and in real-world settings around Mexico.

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere

Designers are bringing out the bling big time this season, with sparkled blouses, skirts and lounge pants.

You can get that head-to-toe sparkle with glittery slippers. Photo: Ugg

And all that glitter isn’t reserved just for under the stars.

A glimmery sequin top can be made day-suitable when coupled with a pair of flared-leg trousers and some chunky wedges.

An over-the-top jeweled neck plate that would normally scream evening-only can be worn with a frumpy sundress to give it a more casual and diurnial-worthy appeal.

Colors, Bright and Pale

Apparently torn between taking the bright-neon-print route or the Easter-egg-pastel path, designers this season seem to have left the choice up to the consumer.

Most brands are offering their collections in a range of color choices from soft lilac, rosebud pinks, lemon yellows and eggshell blues to bold, no-holds-barred vibrant shades with massive tropical floral prints and oversized take-notice checks.

A fringed leather half-skirt over a simple dress gives an edgy, urban  style. Photo: Wild and Alive

It’s up to the wearer to decide.

Take your choice, bright or pale, or mix them up.

As I said, this is the season of anything goes.

On the Fringe

Fringe and tassels are back this season (as if they ever left us).

But this time around, they have an edgy new twist.

Fringe and faux suede aigrettes are full-on and showing up in unexpected places, like half a side of a cocktail dress skirt or dripping from the neck to the floor in a haltered blouse, often in bright contrasting colors.

Tassels are also seen mixed with lace, ruffles and macramé, giving them a more feminine polish, taking what once was a gaudy country rodeo style to Rodeo Drive chic.

Peekaboo Everywhere

After the unprecedented success of cold-shoulder sleeves and see-through sheer overskirts that prevailed in both s/s 2017 and f/w 2017-18, designers have kept the revealing charm of transparency for yet another season.

Layering can include any garments over any other garments. Photo: Epsilon

Gossamer coats and dresses over form-hugging short-shorts provide (almost) full disclosure of the wearer’s silhouette.

Layers and Layers

The layered look may have once been a winter trend, but this year it is taking center stage for spring and summer.

With belted partial overskirts worn on top of soft cotton smock dresses and asymmetrical gowns paired with leather bomber jackets (of course, with plenty of sequins) the idea seems to be to pile on as many garments as possible for a nouveau boho look.

And, once again, there appears to be no rules as to what goes with what.

T-shirts can be layered over dresses, dresses over skirts, shorts over slacks, blouses over jackets – if you can somehow manage to get it on over your other clothing, it’s a go.


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