Easter Week is almost here, and that means a lot of Mexicans will be heading to the beach to soak up the sun’s rays and relax along the oceanfront.

A day at the beach can wreak havoc on skin and hair. Photo: YouTube

But sun and sand can wreak havoc on your complexion and hair, as can the chlorine in pools and salt in the ocean air.

When it comes to beach vacations, an ounce of prevention can work wonders to keep you healthy and beautiful.

And a few, simple tricks of the trade can make your style and radiance last for hours.

Here are some of the latest new products now available in Mexico that can help you enjoy your seaside holiday while protecting your natural beauty.

Sun Defense

Everyone knows (or should by now) that the sun is your skin’s worst enemy.

Not only does overexposure to UV rays age your skin prematurely, it can also lead to skin cancer.

Photo: Banana Boat

In fact, according to Mexican Health Secretariat government figures, more than 1.5 million Mexicans will be diagnosed with skin cancer this year, and while the vast majority of the cases will be of basal and squamous cell skin cancer, nearly 40,000 will be of the more deadly melanoma form of the disease.

According to the Mexican Dermatological Association, only 10 percent of Mexicans use sunscreen on a daily basis.

And because Mexico is in a very high UV radiation geographic zone, it is unsafe to be in the sun here unprotected for more than eight to 10 minutes a day.

That is why every person over six months of age should be using a broad-spectrum sun protection product on a daily basis, no matter where they are.

And that guideline holds particularly true when going to the beach, where sand and water can reflect and intensify the sun’s rays.

Which is why Banana Boat has just launched a new line of sun protection, Banana Boat Dry Balance Sport, which offers broad-spectrum defense against UVA and UVB rays in a light, non-greasy, water-resistant formula that will leave skin fresh, dry and clean-feeling hour after hour, with no tacky residue.

And Banana Boat’s special sports formula won’t run into your eyes and it even resists sweat and grime from heavy sports activity.

Dry Balance Sport, with a powerful SPF of 50-plus, comes in both a lotion and spray formula, and there is also a handy little 51-gram spray can that fits easily into your purse or beach bag for easy reapplications (all sunscreens and sunblocks should be reapplied at least every four hours, and more frequently at the beach).

Hair Repair

One of the best ways to care for your hair at the beach is to wear a hat, but even with the protection of shade, salty air and the chlorine in pools can leave it dry and damaged.

Fortunately, Israeli hairdresser Mike Sabag — the very same stylist who created that must-have-in-every-haircare-portfolio, Moroccan Oil — has developed a whole new range of salon-only products called Saryna Key Professional.

Photo: Saryna Key

Now available in Mexico at high-end beauty salons across the country is Sabag’s Saryna Key Professional Hair Therapy line, enriched with pure African shea butter to nourish and repair.

African shea butter is high in natural keratin protein, vitamins A, E and F, amino acids, essential fatty acids and cinnamic acid, which strengthens hair.

Native to the African tropics, the shea-karite tree takes up to 50 years to mature and produce the shea nut, which holds nature’s secret to soft, shiny, healthy hair.

Shea butter, which is the concentrated extraction of the shea nut, provides hair with intense moisture, promotes cell renewal, increases scalp circulation and — especially important for you beachgoers — protects against harmful UV rays and free radical damage.

Saryna Key’s new shea butter collection includes a Pure African Shea Shampoo, an intense, deep-penetrating Pure African Shea Butter masque, and a leave-in, damage-repair Pure African Shea Oil.

The exclusive formulas also include natural additives such as wheat protein, apple, cotton and silk proteins and amino acids.

And because Saryna Key Professional is committed to environmental conservation, all bottles and containers are 100 percent recyclable and the company’s products are never tested on animal.

Showing Some Skin

Covering up is all fine and good for most of your seaside holiday, but you don’t want to be caught wearing a burkini to the beach.

Photo: Seahorse

If there is one essential wardrobe item for a fun-in-the-sun vacation, it is a new swimsuit.

Seahorse for Her’s new Praga collection is both stylish and classy, with a selection of sensual beachwear garments that will make a statement while always being comfortable and keeping their shape and color.

The collection includes unique one-piece swimsuits styles as well as bikinis, all available in a range of colors that go from plain and elegant tones to striking and flattering prints.

The suits, which are produced in Mexico, can be purchased on line at

Beachside Wedding

And should you be planning a beachside wedding, remember, this is not the right setting for a floor-length Vera Wang with umpteen layers of crinoline and a chapel train.

Photo: David’s Bridal

Instead, opt for a more tropical sheath or slip dress in a light fabric that is more adaptable and resilient to the effects of sand and ocean air.

David’s Bridal, which opened its first store in Mexico in May of last year, has an entire new line of less-fuzzy, beach-suitable wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses that are not only affordable, but can be dressed up with a discreet string of pearls and a romantic veil or dressed down with a bluejeans bomber jacket (a David’s Bridal original).

David’s Bridal, the largest wedding gown chain in the United States, has more than 60 years of experience dressing women for life’s special occasions in any setting, regardless of her style preference, shape, size or budget.


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