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It would be great if all of us could afford an entire new wardrobe every season, but sheer economics tend to make that an unlikely possibility for most women.

The right accessories can total transform your ensemble and keep it fashionable. Photo:

I know my wardrobe is primarily stocked with recyclable classics that can be worn year in, year out, and then temporarily retired for a fashion sabbatical to later have a second or third life after a season or two in hibernation.

But just because you can’t go crazy with the Amex card at Palacio de Hierro and Saks Fifth Avenue every three months doesn’t mean you can’t keep abreast of the latest fashion trends with a few carefully selected additions each season.

One of the easiest – and most affordable – ways to stay trendy without putting your credit cards into overdrive is to focus on accessories, which can dress up or add style to that little black dress, your go-to business suit or even an otherwise humdrum blouse and trousers set.

Even a casual outfit can look chic and trendy when paired with the right accessories. Photo: Pinterest

Whether it be a statement cocktail ring, a pair of to-die-for oversized earrings or a look-at-me fashionista sun shades, the right accessory can transform your entire look from routine to glamourous, and give a fashion-forward update to your entire ensemble.

Here are some of the latest trending accessories on the market that can do the trick to keep you stylish and in vogue without having to take out a second mortgage on your home.

Luxurious Lenses

The French luxury design house Longchamp has been creating iconic handbags and other fine leather accessories since 1948, and now it has expanded its offering to include women’s eyewear, offering distinctively modern styles of frames and sunwear infused with Parisian chic and an alluring upscale sophistication that reflects the brand’s longstanding tradition of superb craftsmanship and elegance.

Photo: Marchon

And, thanks to the New York-based eyeglass and sunglass manufacturer and distributor Marchon, Longchamp eyewear is now available in Mexico.

Longchamp’s new spring collection consists of four separate groups, each inspired by the understated heritage of the brand’s iconic handbags.

The Le Pliage group – the undisputed star of the collection – is distinguished by its contrasting color-blocking and simple, light frames with the company’s logotype clearly engraved on the sides of the temples.

There is also a Héritage group with more structured silhouettes and leather applications with metallic details,

Photo: Marchon

Meanwhile, the Roseau group that also boasts metallic trimmings, but has a distinctive bamboo pattern  on the sides of the temple pieces.

The Paris Premier group exudes luxury with bi-colored lenses and oversized frames with equestrian details.

 The Longchamp eyewear collection is now available at Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool and at the Longchamp boutique in the Antara shopping mall in Colonia Polanco.

Mexican Textiles 

There is an old Mexican legend that says that the history of Mexico is written by the thread of its textiles.

Photo: Jiasú Méjico

Textiles have always been a part of the country’s rich patchwork of artisan handcrafts, and a key element of the nation’s cultural heritage and identity.

Both in pre-Hispanic and colonial times, the patterns, designs and colors of the textiles worn by Mexico’s indigenous people expressed their social status, place of origin and family history.

Even today, these interwoven messages are still an essential part of Mexico’s vast tapestry of textiles.

Jiasú Méjico — formerly known as Atelié Diseño Artesanal Mexicano — is a fully Mexican-owned design house that incorporates traditional indigenous textiles into its cotemporary handbags, footwear and shawls.

Photo: Jiasú Méjico

The textiles used by Jiasú Méjico are all hand-produced by local artisans in Tenancingo, Malinalco and Donato Guerra in the State of Mexico (Edomex) and Los Altos the state of Chiapas.

Each year, the brand creates two collections reflecting the latest international fashion trends in terms of color and design  without loosing sight of the unique style of these ancient Mexican patterns.

Jiasú’s new 2018 spring/summer collection focuses on indigenous Mazahua designs from Edomex that pay homage to nature and the environment.

The collection is available at Mexico City’s Museo Mexicano del Diseño, Harto Diseño Mexicano (inside The Shops Down Town), Colectivo Madero Paz (inside the Mercado del Carmen in Colonia San Ángel) and at the brand’s showroom at Bazar Fusión, located at Londres 37 in Colonia Juárez.

Blinged-Out Accessories

And if you are looking to make that jeans and sweater set you wore all day carry you through a night at the disco or a cocktail reception, why not add a little bling to your outfit with a jeweled handbag from Accessorize.

Photo: Accessorize

An eye-catching cross-body clasp bag with a graphic print and glamorous pineapple ring can pack a powerful punch in your accessories edit.

The brand also offers a delicious array of earrings, necklaces, scarfs and leggings that can instantly contemporize your wardrobe.

Accessorize, an English-based brand, constantly adds new items to its collections and the prices are extremely affordable, making it the go-to place for fashionistas on a budget.

Accessorized Lips

With the right makeup, you can even glamourize your look by making your own facial features an accessory (think hot Marilyn Monroe lips or smoky Greta Garbo eyes).

Photo: Dior

Dior Addict’s new Glow collection is all about enhancing radiance, with a heavy emphasis on pinks, featured in a rich array of palettes.

Focusing on the lips, the Peter Philip’s Dior Addict Glow collection captures the luminosity of springtime with this classic, dewy color that is so dear to the house of Dior.

Whether your choose a shocking flamingo fuchsia or a subtle rose petal flush, pink intensely pink lips will bring out your feminine beauty in all its plurality with lips that beg to be kissed.

The collection includes limited edition high-pigmentation Dior Addict Lip Tattoo stains that stay put without smearing for up to hours, plus a selection of Dior Addick Backstage Pro Color Awakening Hydrating Lip Balms that plump and moisturize your lips to make them even more seductive.



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