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If you happen to have kids, they have, by now, made you well aware of the fact that Monday, April 30, is Mexico’s official Children’s Day, which implies that they are entitled to gifts.

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Of course, being good, red-blooded capitalists, most Mexican toy producers and vendors tend to cash in on the holiday, marketing their latest child-focused trinkets and gadgets to appease your little ones’ demands for April booty.

But this year – chock it up to the global #MeToo movement, perhaps – the big emphasis on Children’s Day wares is girls’ toys (sorry, Junior, no new Hot Wheel Roto Revolution Track or Hasbro Nerf rifles this time around for you – it’s Little Sissy’s turn to bring in the loot).

Yes, girls are the stars of this year’s bambino festival.

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And leading the cash of new girls’ toys in the recently introduced bonanza of Cutie Cars for Shopkins.

(In case you don’t know what Shopkins are – which essentially means you have either been living under a rock or do not have kids – they are tiny little collectable characters in the shape of grocery store items with brightly colored faces and deliciously delectable names like Kooky Cookie, Apple Blossom and Cheeky Chocolate that come with their own toy shopping bags and baskets, as well as different grocery store playsets to house them in.)

The Cutie Cars are the new way for your kids’ Shopkins to get around the Shopkin universe.

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These little girls-forward autos come in fun, feminine colors like pink, purple and yellow and have the same sweet features that the Shopkins themselves boast, such as bright eyes and dramatic lashes.

Any Shopkins a child already owns will fit perfectly into these cute cars, and they can certainly give Big Brother’s matchbook monster truck a run for its money.

The Spanish brand Juguetes Famosa has also revved up its selection of toys for girls this season, with the introduction of its new Mix Is Max Pinypon dolls with interchangeable heads, hair, arms, legs and wardrobe.

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The brand likewise has expanded its classic Nancy and Nenuco baby doll collection.

And if all else fails, there is always the American Girl Doll collection, guaranteed to please any girl age four through 14, available at Palacio de Hierro.

But despite the focus on girls’ toys this year, there is some serious consolation for boys in the form of a brand new Lego store in the Centro Comercial Santa Fe — the first Lego store in all of Mexico — which just opened in February.

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The Danish-based brick building toymaker, which has been around since 1932 and is today the world’s largest construction toy producer, has been selling its do-it-yourself creations in Mexico for decades, and even has a factory in Monterey.

But now limited edition and other hard-to-find Lego kits can be purchased directly at the Mexico City store, and the company is planning to open additional Lego shops across the country in the near future.

And while many people still think of Lego as the sole domain of craft-minded adolescent boys, the company has now expanded its kit offerings to young-at-heart adults and has opened a special section of assembly kits aimed just at girls.

Sorry, boys, it seems that you just can’t win.



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