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Nothing says more about you than the clothes and accessories you wear.

The clothes and accessories you wear, as well as the way you style your makeup and hair, say a lot about who you are. Photo: Pinterest

Even the way you comb your hair and the makeup and perfume you use are strong conveyors of your personal style and image.

Whether you dress the part of a straight-laced, business-focused tycooness or a mode-forward fashion diva, your appearance is your visual calling card and gives cues to all who see you as to what they can expect from your individual character and disposition.

We all have thousands of difference styles, depending on our mood and daily activities, but you can definitely tweek that first impression or update your personal image by carefully curating your garment and beauty wardrobe.

Here are some ideas of new trending styles and products to help you create a signature look all your own while still staying in fashion.

Dior Distinction

The sheer sophistication and elegance of Dior never goes out of style, and this season artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri has evoked the love and joy of intense, bright colors.

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From flowing, silky, translucent layers over iridescent body-hugging lamé shift dresses to slippered  tie-up fishnet gladiator boots, when it comes to fashion, Dior is always right on target.

Dior’s 2018 spring/summer collection pays tribute to the 1920s surrealist movement, with dreamy, romantic black and white hues mixed with transparent fabrics and silvery highlights.

Ultrathin, see-through blouses are matched with thick lush velvets, all with a classic Dior measure of glamor that exudes poise and savoir faire.

Portuguese Prêt-à-Porter

On the other end of the commercial spectrum, the affordable Portuguese fashion house Parfois is now selling its trendy line of accessories and garments in Mexico.

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These mix-and-match separates and pile-them-on jewelry and handbags collections have a lux feel and appearance, even though they are in the same price range as brands like Zara and H&M.

Parfois’ new 2018 spring/summer collection focuses on artisan crafting and easy, breezy fabrics in warm, summery colors like canary yellow paired with bright khaki green and burnt orange matched with navy blue.

The collection also has unexpected color combinations such as muted beige and white for an understated neutrality.

Parfois’ accessories are all big and bold, like a giant white fringes handbag with black lettering on it, and layered bronze circle earrings that scream “look at me.”

Kimono Monomania

Want to really stand out?

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Try raiding a secondhand store or your mother’s closet for an old kimono.

Your kimono jacket can be a real vintage kimono, a repurposed  crepe de chine blouse or a shiny modern imitation.

Worn over jeans or a dress, this is the hottest look in fashion this season.

Worn long or short, the delicate embroidery and bright colors give a definite pop to any outfit, and the flowing fabric provides style and fluidity.

An unstructured kimono jacket is just the thing for lightweight but elegant coverage.

The right kimono jacket can work its magic on evening, work or weekend style alike.



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