There are so many new and wonderful beauty and skincare products out there on the market that sometimes it is hard to lump them into a single category.

This week’s collection of new products is a little of this and a little of that.

From a brand new way to choose and wear a lipstick to a shockingly fashionable eyeliner and mascara duo that will make your eyes the center of attention to a powerful nightly treatment to revitalize skin to a super-effective, super-masculine new deodorant for your guy, here is a hodgepodge of new products on the Mexican market that are well worth checking out.

Playful Lipsticks

Guerlain has just made choosing and wearing your favorite lip color both stylish and fun.

Photo: Guerlain

The new Guerlain Rouge G collection is the first customized lipstick that allows you to choose your color and your case.

The 30-shade color range runs the gamut from soft nudes to winter blue, the 15 case options incorporate timeless to trendy designs to suit every taste.

And they are all interchangeable so you can mix and match depending on your mood or ensemble, turning your lipstick into a fashion accessory.

Enriched with plant-based polymers and silver microcrystals with a reflective power, these exceptional lipsticks’ formula beautifully enhances lips, cloaking them in intense and luminous, long-lasting color.

Jojoba and mango butter help to nourish lips, offering them instant and lasting comfort, and hyaluronic acid and gugul resin help smooth and plump  lips.

The sleek, jeweled, designer cases come with a discreet little double mirror to let you apply touchups anywhere without having to drag out your entire makeup kit to do so.

Eye Alert

Dior has pulled out all the stops this season when it comes to eye makeup.

Photo: Dior

The new Diorshow On Stage Liner comes in a stunning array of unexpected electric colors, including a bright canary yellow, a cotton-candy pink, a light celestial blue, a pure ivory white and, of course, a midnight black.

The liner has a soft, flexible applicator point that allows for precision makeup design, and is waterproof, so your eye-lining masterpiece won’t run no matter what.

The complementary Diorshow Pump’n’Volume Mascara — available in black, pink, blue and purple — has a squeeze bottom that lets you adjust the amount of color you want to apply.

Photo: Dior

Together, this fabulous duo lets you make your eyes stand out in any situation.

And like the liners, the Diorshow mascara is waterproof.

Dior has also added several new items to its Hydra Life line of skincare products, including a Cooling Hydration Sorbe Eye Gel, a Triple Impact Makeup Remover, a Time to Glow Ultra Fine Exfoliating Powder, and a Micellar Milk No-Rinse Cleanser.

The entire Dior Hydra Life line offers new-generation hydration in strikingly fresh formulas that help activate the skin’s natural defenses.

Deep Skin Ampoules

Speaking of skincare, the Spanish pharma-cosmetic firm MartiDerm, famous for its wide range of deep-penetrating ampoules.

Photo: MartiDerm

First launched by Farmacia Marti Tor in Barcelona in 1952 with the aim of creating unique and effective products for each skin need, MartiDerm  pioneering treatment formulas at the pharmacy based on vitamin C and proteoglycans.

But it was not until 1989 that the company, together with the leading dermatologists in Spain, began to commercialise what would become MartiDerm’s flagship product: proteoglycan anti-aging ampoules.

MartiDerm now has more than 60 skincare and scalp products on the market and can be found in Mexico at specialized pharmacies.

Manpower Protection

Nivea has launched three new fragrances for its men’s stick, spray-on and roll-on deodorant line Nivea Men Fresh:  Sport, Ice and Ocean

Photo: Nivea Men

All three scents have intense, masculine scents that last all day and provide up to 48 hours of protection against perspiration.

Scientifically proven to protect against emotional sweating, Nivea Men’s unique anti-bacterial formula combines with a zinc complex to ensure reliable antiperspirant protection against sweat and body odor.

The deodorants also provides  extra protection when needed, so men can embrace those stressful situations in everyday life knowing that they will still smell clean and fresh.

And while these powerful deodorants are geared to athletic activities, they are all alcohol-free, dermatologist-tested  and specially formulated to not irritate sensitive skin.




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