Excálibur preforms a tribute to Carlos Santana at the Centro Cultural José Martí. Photo: Prensa Cultural CDMX


Mexico City’s Centro Cultural José Martí marked the 42nd birthday of Mexican-American musician Carlos Santana on Friday, May 25, with a three-hour rock and Latino concert that was open to the general public.

Headlining the concert was Mexico City group Excálibur, which performed a series of Santana’s most famous works, including “Ain´t Got Nobody,” “Black Magic Woman,” “Smooth” “and “Oye Cómo Va.”

The majority of the audience was composed of elderly fans of the Jaliscan native who became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s pioneering a fusion of rock and Latin American jazz.

Located in downtown Mexico City at the northern end of the Alameda Park, the Centro Cultural José Martí was a gift from Cuba to Mexico and honors the memory of the late Cuban poet and philosopher José Martí. It has a library, theater and art gallery.



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