Democracy Wins in Mexico

Morena presidential candidate and expected winner Manuel Andrés López Obrador. Photo:


Today Mexico went to the polls.

Maybe the result was not the one desired by all those who supported his opponents, Meade, Anaya or “El Bronco.”

Today the important thing to remember is that Mexico is not a country defined by a single person or party.

Mexico is a country defined by her population — a people who dig each other out after a devastating earthquake and who share their pride after a soccer victory.

Mexico is defined by her spirit, by her colors, by her energy.

Mexico is defined by her resilience, and today Mexico is asking her people to support AMLO, the duly elected future president.

Tonight, it’s no longer my party versus yours.

We are all part of one country, and tonight and tomorrow we must all join together to help push Mexico forward toward a more inclusive democracy and just society.


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