Photo: Mexico City Culture Secretariat


For the third straight year, the International Modern Dance Festival opened in Mexico City on Thursday, Aug. 2.

The festival,, which will run through Aug. 12, includes the participation of 54 dance companies from a total of 26 counties.

The performances are being presented in various locations throughout the city, including the Faros de Oriente, Tláhuac, Indios Verdes and Milpa Alta, although the main venue is the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in Mexico City’s Centro Histórico.

There will also be performances at Sala Miguel Covarrubias, the Teatro de la Danza and the Teatro Raúl Flores Canelo.

During the opening ceremony Thursday, there were performances by Korea’s Leejung Yeon Dance Project and Italy’s Empty, as well as by two Mexican companies under the direction of Óscar Ruvalcaba and Raúl Tamez.

Among the participating countries this year are India, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Malaysia, Cuba, Turkey, Germany, Chile and Israel.

Admission to all performances is free of charge.

For more information and a listing of the various performances, check out the Mexico City Culture Secretariat’s webpage.




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