Photo: Saverglass


The French premium glassware and bottle company Saverglass begun production in August at its first North American factory, a $120 million facility in Acatlan de Juarez, just outside Guadalajara in the northwestern Mexican state of Jalisco.

Saverglass, based out of Feuquières, in northern France, specializes in high-end and customized bottling for perfume, alcohol and cosmetic firms, and has global sales amounting to nearly $570 million annually.

The plant in Mexico employs 400 specialized workers and is aimed at providing goods for the U.S., Canadian and Latin American markets.

The Acatlan’s plant is the company’s fifth glass factory and is expected to produce about 120 million bottles a year, boosting overall annual production to 700 million bottles by2018,

Saverglass has three plants in France and one in Dubai.

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